Our Commitments

Involvement, Integrity, Flexibility, Insight

Commitment, transparency and a results-based culture: these are the values that all the B-ressource teams share.

  • A small, efficient organisation

    which guarantees quality and input from the founders.

  • Flexible, innovative solutions

    that are tailored to a variety of requirements and situations.

  • A methodology

    that uses personality analysis tools to assess your current and future employees, in conjunction with skills validation.

  • A clear set of values

    that matches our clients’ image: Confidentiality, Respect for candidates, Verification and requirement for references.

  • An honest description

    which does not oversell the company environment to the candidates, avoiding disillusionment or unsuitability.


We ensure strict confidentiality when collecting information from companies and candidates. As a result, we only communicate information that is absolutely necessary.

Our comments about the candidates are based on objective criteria and in line with the skills expected by our clients.

In order to be transparent, we explain the reasons for the company’s choice to all unsuccessful candidates.


We have a practical vision, which is results-based and aims to serve the client’s best interests. In order to achieve this, we use a variety of tools: reporting, progress reports, summaries and evaluations.

We have a clear set of values that matches our clients’ image: Confidentiality, Respect for candidates, Verification and requirement for references.


In the era of artificial intelligence and algorithms that optimise CV identification, it still takes people to understand people.

Our team has knowledge that is based on sound managerial experience and an understanding of operational realities. Before becoming consultants, we were managers: we know all about your ambitions and doubts and we fully appreciate the challenges; we also take the time to meet with you.

We also know how to distinguish between a good candidate and someone who has real talent.

A recruitment firm that can adapt to the operational requirements, economic challenges and managerial problems of any company.

Involvement that is personal and practical

We refuse to follow traditional, stereotypical approaches, both when managing talented people and when recruiting managers. We believe that each job requires a unique methodology, based on a thorough understanding of the specific situation. We adapt our working procedures for each case (head-hunting, sourcing, job boards, adverts, etc.), adopting a proactive perspective that is centred on a results-based culture.

An optimised decision-making process

Our clients cannot afford to waste any time when recruiting executives. In order to allow each company to benefit from our services as much as possible, we head-hunt in such a way that allows the cost to be managed. We are completely transparent throughout the process, offering a clear view of our work and our conclusions, in order to speed up the decision-making process.

Total flexibility

Our sound managerial knowledge allows us to pinpoint our clients’ issues accurately. However, we are also able to reflect on our approach and constantly improve and adapt it to the needs of each client. We do adapt to the specific situation and requests of each of our contacts, but we are also aware of the operational issues of international and specialist recruitment.

Customised tools

All of the tools that we use to assess personality and emotional intelligence are designed to help us better understand each candidate. Our psychometric tests take the form of questionnaires. This promotes dialogue and allows aptitudes and interpersonal skills to be analysed according to the client’s requirements (for management, reasoning, sales, etc.).

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