Your success depends on finding the right people. Since 2006, B-ressource has helped you to achieve this goal.

In a market that is constantly changing and increasingly competitive, your company’s human resources can make you stand out:

  • Do you have the time and expertise that you need to evaluate whether or not your resources match your objectives?
  • Are you sure that you can identify the characteristics that you need: position/profile/personality?

In the era of artificial intelligence and algorithms that optimise CV identification, it still takes people to understand people… B-ressource is the antithesis of industrial recruitment, where job descriptions and CVs are copied and pasted.

Our main job as advisers is to look at the more subjective elements:  reasons for potential turnover, the personality traits that suit the job and the line manager, matching the offer to the expectations of the target candidates…

Our operational and managerial experience enables us to understand your needs and your situation, without prejudice.


evaluations/assessments carried out.


of clients have been our partners for more than 5 years.


professionals happy with their new career.

Effective recruitment

Managing resources requires a comprehensive approach: B-ressource is committed to advising their clients, as well as monitoring their practice, in order to identify developments and needs that may arise. From managing talent to recruiting executives, we make the most of every available opportunity to take a company to the next level. We get involved in all the stages of a company’s life.

HR advice and expertise

Your company’s performance is dependent on the quality of your teams. B-ressource supports you in:

  • Drafting an HR strategy and deciding on what choices to make,
  • Growing your organisation in line with your company’s objectives,
  • Developing tools and practices that will be useful for your company,
  • Using HR indicators and analysing them in order to steer the company,
  • Anticipating changes while keeping your teams motivated.